Sunday, February 11, 2007

Daydream Believer

Where would you be right now, if you could be anywhere?

I would be sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Paris with a blue umbrella over my table. It would be a spring morning, but there would be a drizzling rain, and I would have hot chocolate with whipped cream, and buttery croissants next to my book. A mom and her two kids, clad in raincoats, would be playing in a puddle, with a young couple flirting on a bench nearby. The street wouldn't be busy, but there would be a few cute little French cars and bikes going past, and enough people walking by to make it interesting. Some would be carrying long loaves of bread, or flowers, an old man would be walking a little dog and an ambulance would be sounding that great European "ee-aaw---ee-aaw" siren somewhere in the distance. Two elegant women "of a certain age" would be sitting at the next table, with beautiful silk scarves draped casually around their necks, and speaking English, so I could listen in. Then suddenly Harrison Ford would appear and call to me, "Sabrina..."

Oh! I just woke up from my day dream! I have a runny nose and a hoarse voice and I look nothing like Sabrina. I think I'll go make some cocoa! Whipped Cream anyone?

Where would you be? Daydream a little!

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Stie said...

I would be in a hotel room in someplace exotic and tropical. The french doors of the balcony would be open with the sheer drapes billowing in the warm, dry air (it is a fantasy, you know, the island air would be dry as a bone, thus allowing for my otherwise curly hair to be straight, flat, and perfect). I would have a gorgeous view of the ocean, with the sand mere feet from my door. In one hand would be a really good book; in the other a diet coke. I would be heading to sit in a lounger on the beach (empty, except for my husband and children happily playing) and I would have endless supply of fresh fruit, diet coke, and chocolate brought to me by shirtless waiters (again - FANTASY people!) That is where my daydreams go...