Thursday, December 29, 2011

Be a Star!

Heroes at Reunion, 1983

Have you ever stopped to count the people in your audience? There's lots of admirers watching your performance in life, and you're pleasing a lot of folks. Did you do a bit of good in the world today? Did you cheer someone up? Did you lift someone out of their doldrums for even a minute? The shouts and clapping might be silent to your ears, but they're happening just the same. Look around at YOUR audience. You've got some fans! Give them your best.


Amanda said...

I absolutely love this sentiment! I've never thought about it that way, but I think I'll start!

Heather P said...

Just popped over from marta's post because I saw your comment. Was feeling guilty about being one of the strangers who reads but who hasn't been great about commenting lately. You are still so appreciated. Don't feel pressured to blog, but know that there are those of us who read your posts as soon as you put them up. And we appreciate you. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas season. (And I'll try to be better about commenting!) Your blog is a joy to read, always. ;)