Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Musings

Els Mere Village

I've spent a lot of time in a foreign land lately. Kirby Puckernut lives on WordPress, and they speak a different language over there. After I post on Kirby's blog, I come back to Blogger whispering "There's no place like home, there's no place like home . . ." The icons along the top of the page are familiar, the publish post button is colorful, and save now is easy to find. Images don't jump randomly through the text, but land neatly where I want them to go.

My website is on Square Space, and I feel like a stranger there, too. It's a different culture. I love Blogger—plain old Blogger, not the new version. Why do they keep updating everything? Gmail changed things around just after I got comfortable, and Google Reader has a disappearing navigation system now. I'm an old dog and new tricks are confusing.

I'm getting tired of my ghosting gig. Writing is its own reward and I love putting words together, but it's difficult to write in another person's voice and wonder the whole time if I'm getting it right. Because they get the feedback, I never know. So far, however, people are more willing to pay me when my name's not on it. Just like William Porter—he was an ex-con and nobody wanted his name on stuff either. So he signed his work O. Henry. I guess Kirby Puckernut can work for me.

Since I pose as an elf, I did a little elfing myself today.

Oma's traditional Open Me Now package,
filled with trinkets, activity pages, stickers and bubblegum,
hit the assembly line.

Opa hit the post office line.

Back to my original theme: I love Blogger, I love blogging. And I love you for reading my blog, (even when it's totally random.)

Visit Kirby's blog
(See how music saved one family's Christmas.)


Satia said...

You're the first blogger I've seen who has admitted to not being happy about the upcoming blogger changes. I tried the new dashboard and found it difficult to use. I'm hoping that the powers that be have since made whatever changes needed to be made. It shouldn't take me nearly two hours to put a post together and that is what happened. And I type most of my posts and simply copy and paste except when I want to interject images and links. But how long does that take now? Not 2 hours. and if the new dashboard still gives me problems, I may be migrating to wordpress. I'm hoping that it won't be necessary.

Diane said...

I love reading your blog. It's a great inspiration for me.

I'm getting used to google's new formats, but like you I find new tricks are not always very fun. Some parts of the new blogger are better - now they just need to combine the best of both parts. But do it soon, and leave it alone after that.

Debbie Brough said...
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Debbie Brough said...

Just wanted to say that I love your writing. I'm always excited to see a new post from 'TravelinOma'. You seem to know so well what things are most important -- motherhood, stickers for grandchildren, being brave, families. Thanks for sharing!

marta said...

i'm always glad when you have new posts oma, keep it coming. keep writing! however, you are good at your ghosting gig!!

benji was thrilled to get a 'cousins club' package in the mail today. thanks for lighting up our lives.