Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Intentional Mothering: Pajama Party

Polly, Tommy, Marty 1955

Kim came up with a unique solution to a common problem. Her husband worked long hours and always came home late. Usually the kids were already in bed. Family dinners never happened. Kim resented him thwarting her noble intentions, and he resented her resentment.

"My hours aren't flexible!" he told her. "I'm doing this for our family!"

"I am, too," she countered. "Can't you change your schedule around to make more time for us?" she pleaded after one argument.

"Can't you?" he asked. So she did.

That week they started a new family routine. Kim gave the kids a light supper, and they went to bed at 7:pm on the dot. When her husband came home at 9 or later, she woke them up for a pajama party. They loved it!

The whole family ate dinner together, Dad got caught up on their activities, played a little, read them a story and tucked them back in bed.

It took a few weeks for the kids to adjust to the time change, but the mom was persistent. Time together as a family was worth the effort. This became their daily schedule for several years.

Now, each of their adult children looks back on that time as memorable -- the Pajama Party years. Kim thought outside the box to meet her priorities, and came up with a plan to strengthen her family.

Do you need to tweak your schedule to meet your goals?

Do you know someone who thinks outside the box to reach priorities?

Share your ideas in the comment section!

(Thanks for your example, Kim!)


Raejean said...

I have a monthly date with each of my children one on one. The way we were doing started causing more stress and drama, so we're tweaking the system. I've learned that I need to be more flexible to be a good mother.

kenju said...

I wish I had thought of that when my kids were small and their dad was seldom home, and always late (due to his work schedule, of course.)

Diane said...

Working late is such a common problem when children are little - it's that stage of a career. This is a great idea.

My husband traveled. A lot. He would take one or two of the kids with him when it was a trip where that was appropriate. They still talk about their trips together.

Christie said...

We instituted a family breakfast (when Josh is in town). Our family meal together may not be at dinner - it's in the morning. It's worked great and no one minds missing him at dinner. I can't imagine waking my already-asleep kids up for anything. Except maybe a tornado. :-)

polly said...

i've never seen such cute kids! especially the little one.