Monday, March 28, 2011

Hairstyles 1953

Marty 1953

In case you want to recreate my look, I'm sharing my mom's hairstyling secrets:
  1. It must be Saturday. (That's the only day anyone washes their hair.)
  2. After baths, have your little girl put on her pajamas, and turn on Lawrence Welk.
  3. While she watches the Lennon Sisters, dip your comb in some drippy setting lotion called goop and comb it through her hair. (I can't remember the actual name of the setting lotion, although I can remember what it smells like.) It will drip down the back of her neck and cause her jammies to stick to her back. (Beauty is pain.)
  4. Notice that her bangs are only a quarter of an inch above her eyebrows. Smash them to her forehead, and trim them with your cuticle scissors. Now, try to even them up while she squirms. (They will be close to the hairline by then, and she will be crying.)
  5. Depending on the look you're going for, choose—

Simply wrap sections of her hair around the center of the spool
and fold the large end down to secure.

Or maybe you like clippies—eight for 25¢.

Although they're harder to sleep in, it might be worth it for the practice.
You'll see why tomorrow.

If you want to save 15¢ and get more, choose bobby pins.

Use the criss-cross pattern with two per curl.
Otherwise they'll fall out.

A hairnet is the only guarantee for a perfect 'do for Sunday School.

In the morning she'll look like this!

See the resemblance?
(Maybe we used the wrong setting lotion.)


Diane said...

Let's just clarify one thing: that same style was still going strong in 1961.
There is a picture of me (4 years) and my sister (2) with that same hairstyle. Once I said to my mom that it must have taken a long time to do pincurls for both of us. She said, oh no, your sister's hair was naturally curly like that. I'm glad my straight hair (then) saved someone some trouble.
By the way - we were a criss-crossed bobby pin family.

BusyB said...

The goop was Dippity Doo.

kenju said...

BusyB beat me to it - I know it had to be Dippity Doo!

I had a similar hairdo in 6th grade, after an unfortunate home permanent administered by my mom. I said "never again!"

Grandma Cebe said...

This was my Sunday hairstyle all through elementary school except that my mother usually put my bangs in pin curls too. My mother had extreme talent with bobby pins because she went to beauty school. I think that she only used one bobby pin per curl. Cutting my bangs involved her having me hold a section of toilet paper over my eyes. She used the edge as a guide to cut and it also kept hair out of my eyes. I usually went to bed with a scarf around my head.

Grandma Cebe said...

Oh, I'm jealous because I never had ribbons in my hair.

VickiC said...

I remembered it was Dippity Doo as well. And if I remember correctly, the spool curlers were called "spoolies". (Yep, just googled the term.) So when did we start wearing ponytails? Was that after they invented cream rinse so long hair didn't tangle?

music notes said...

The good old days!!

Christie said...

My mom used to put a piece of scotch tape on my bangs and trim them with that. They didn't look much better than yours.

irishoma said...

How adorable.
I remember Spoolies.