Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Random Act of Kindness

Chloë is going to change her mother's life . . .

"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy."

Plan a random act of kindness!
It will make you happy, and it will change someone's life (at least temporarily!)
  1. Go visit someone you care about.
  2. Send a thank you note to someone from your past, who you still think about.
  3. Comment on a waiter's name, or hair, or left-handed-ness, and leave an extra large tip.
  4. Tell someone in your family you love them and why, for no reason.
  5. Forgive that person who has (or is) treating you unfairly. Pray for help in doing this.
  6. Share anything that's uniquely you, that will meet a need that's uniquely theirs.

Emmie's planning a random act of kindness for her sometimes mean brothers.

My friend Sher was leaving on a mission to Fiji 18 months ago and we met up for a farewell lunch. I was so touched that right when we sat down and the waitress came with our drinks, Sher slipped her a $10 and told her we'd be sitting and chatting for a while. Sher didn't want her to miss out on other tips because we'd be hogging the table. How thoughtful! And then at the end, we left another large tip. It was Sher who made me feel good that day—I feel most alive when I know I've made someone else happy, in a little private way.

Lisa (or Jill) ponders the challenge

So what's it going to be?
Think about someone who needs your brand of uplift
and do what you can to bring a spark to somebody's day!

I think they got the gist!

A really awesome mom I know was planning a random act of kindness for her kids. She let one son in on the secret: banana splits? pizza? He didn't even have to think about it. "Just smile more," he told her.

It doesn't have to be hard, or time-consuming to be life-changing.
Be a little random,
and make someone's day!


kenju said...

"Just smile more...."

What a wonderful thing to ask a person, especially your mom!!

Lesa said...

Ah - I love your blog. So many good things here! Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

thank you so much for this post...really, the pictures were beautiful and the sentiments lovely and well, just what I needed!
thank you....

Susan Adcox said...

I've been the recipient of a number of random acts of kindness, and they can indeed be game-changing events. Sometimes we get so cynical. Random acts of kindness remind us of all the goodness in the world.

mama jo said...

i love random acts of kindness...it is so easy, yet rewarding....thanks for the reminder..

polly said...

i love hearing of kind acts going on. i have had so many kind things done for me and i appreciate it and hope i am returning in kind. it's a good reminder at the start of the day to just be considerate and smile to those we come in contact with.