Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seeing Clearly

Emmie and Jake, 2008

"Go bold!" he said. "Use your glasses to add some pizazz." I met Rudy at Lenscrafters today. He followed me around with a little box, collecting the frames I liked and commenting on life in general:

  1. "When men try on frames they look in the mirror and see the frame. Women look in the mirror and immediately fix their hair. Then they notice the frame."
  2. "Your eyes feel dry because we're in a desert. And that's why our skiing is so great."
  3. "I lived in Wisconsin but people there are grouchy all winter. I like a place where people wear flip-flops in the snow."
  4. "I love kids who put their whole face into an ice-cream cone like that, even though I'll have to wipe down the door when they leave."
  5. "You look really young to me, but in case you have AARP I can give you a discount."
Rudy wiped off the smudges and adjusted my new glasses, but my vision had already been improved. In case your life is a little blurry right now, I'll share my new prescription:
  1. When I focus on myself I miss the whole point.
  2. If I turn my problem around, it might be a blessing.
  3. My attitude affects other people.
  4. I'm happier when I find joy in the joy of others.
  5. Getting old has lots of perks.
See what I mean?

("I see," said the blind man.
And he picked up his hammer and saw.


~Are you being near-sighted? Think about something that's making you unhappy lately: worry, jealousy, fear, pain, sadness, loneliness, whatever. Would one of the truths listed above change your point of view?

~Try it and write about the results.


kenju said...

I'll do that. Well, I'll think about it - but I might not write about it.

Christie said...

Ha! His number one is SO TRUE. Made me laugh.

Raejean said...

I feel I'm being near sighted about what are the most important things I should be doing. But I'm having trouble taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture. Having a good attitude is vital. It seems like the kids are bickering over petty things - maybe it's all stemming from my feelings of being overwhelmed. My goal for today is relax a little, do my best and be satisfied with that.

Diane said...

My best solution when I get anxious and worried and lose focus is to go back to basics. Get up on time, eat breakfast, exercise, tidy the house, etc. Routine helps calm me.

I want to hire Rudy to follow me around tossing out gems like that. What a lift!

marta said...

rudy seems like one awesome dude. i can totally see you two getting along in your rose colored lenses. thanks for the enlightenment today, oma!

Nina said...

So where's a picture of you in your new glasses???