Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photo Shoot in Midway, Utah

Getting Our Bearings
on the top of Memorial Hill

Mount Timpanogos from the back.

Drive straight South and you'll get to Provo Canyon. You'll never see it greener or more lush and beautiful. Wonder about the families who hiked up it 150 years ago,when there was no road, and a baby floated away down the river.

Look at all the canyons layered on top of each other. Hike one to get over to Sundance, another to get over to Park City, or go over Guardsman's Pass to end up at Brighton. Our valleys aren't that far apart if you go over the top. Dee's new book will name all the canyons, tell who they're named after, and the spectacular story that earned them that honor.

So many lives were lived in this peaceful valley. Indian raids, military containment, sons killed in war. Stand-offs, uprisings, or freezing winters didn't discourage early artists, musicians, photographers, teachers. Monuments to them are scattered all around town (in the form of homes, statues, businesses, ranches, and families.) Even the mountain peaks and canyons bear their names.

When you're halfway to heaven in these moutain valleys, you can hear those already gone still telling their stories. Anyway, Dee can. He found some new ones today.

Link here to see the dangerous adventurers of
a mild-mannered historian!

We're off gathering history this week!

I'll send you a postcard!


Diane said...

I want his new book!

Each time, yes each time, I drive through a canyon or look over any of our valleys I marvel that the pioneers did what they did. Back then when they went through one of those canyons it took much longer than an hour. The valleys were not green and inviting like they are now. It's a miracle anyone settled anywhere because they would have been cut off from the rest of the world.

Hannah said...

I can see my mom's home lot in your pictures. Midway is breathtaking.

crissy said...

I love Midway. It is such a gorgeous place. I don't think I really knew about it until I met Cori, though. (Midway is where some of his ancestors settled when they came to America from Switzerland.) There is a farm in Midway, the Conrad Boss farm... that's one of Cori's so-many-greats uncle, and my boy's namesake. And we always talk about moving there someday.

Kay Dennison said...


Grandma Shelley said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the canyons in Utah. Logan Canyon is where many of my ancestors hiked, camped, and fished, and Logan Cemetery is where they rest!

Enjoy you trip.