Wednesday, June 9, 2010

History in the Making

Chelsea, Liza, Jill

So, Opa, how do you write a book?

Lucy and Opa

You have to read all this first?

Opa's Office

How long does it take to type?


Maybe we'll write about you someday!


~Find out something about your grandpa and write it down for future generations.


mama jo said...

love the pics..what dolls...

Kay Dennison said...

What lil' darlings!!!! I loved my grandpa!!!

polly said...

what a fun outing, going to grampa's! i'll bet he's never had such beauties in his office.

kenju said...

Your little guys are so adorably cute as to seem almost unreal!!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the fun time Oma & Opa!
We'll do it again soon.
Love, LCEJ

Sheri said...

These pictures are an absolute treasure! When the girls are grown and Opa is gone, just think how much these pictures will mean to them. Thanks for sharing.