Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kidspeak: Chelsea and Lucy at Random

Lucy 5, Chelsea 3

It was definitely bedtime: Opa and I were tired. Our two little sleepover guests were not. I put on some music to calm them down. "Are these lullabies? We're NOT babies, you know," said Lucy.

"You forgot to get our drinks...we forgot to brush our teeth...we need the hall light on...we need the door a little bit more open..." Eventually we collapsed in front of the TV. Immediately they reappeared. "Hey, Oma and Opa. Keep it down in here!" They dissolved in giggles as I bundled them back to bed.

Lucy: Tell us a story about when you were a little girl.
Chelsea: She wasn't a little girl. She was our mom's mom.
Lucy: Before that she was a little girl. Right, Oma?

Summer, 2008

Oma: Once upon a time my grampa said he had a surprise for me in his apple tree. We went down in his orchard and he carried me up the ladder...
Chelsea: What color was the ladder?
Oma: Silver.
Chelsea: I thought it could be orange.
Lucy: How did he get the apples?
Oma: He had a bucket.
Chelsea: What color was the bucket?
Lucy: What color were the apples? Red or green?
Oma: Hey! Doesn't anybody want to hear about the bird's nest?
Lucy: We had a bird's nest...
Chelsea: Maybe your grampa could jump off the ladder to a trampoline. (What?)
Oma: Doesn't anybody want to hear about the baby birds?

Tommy and Marty, 1953
(See? I was little once.)

Lucy: Did you play stuff when you were little?
Oma: Sure. I remember playing mailman with my little brother named Tommy.
Lucy: Mailman! I've never heard of playing mailman!
Oma: We wrote our names on shoeboxes and colored them to make them pretty.
Chelsea: Was your brother a boy?
Oma: Yes.
Chelsea: Boys don't like things to be pretty.
Oma: Well, we colored them our favorite colors, put them by our bedroom doors and then we wrote letters to each other and put them in the mailboxes.
Chelsea: What color was yours?
Oma: It was probably pink.
Lucy: I love pink. It's my favorite color.
Chelsea: What color was Tommy's?
Oma: Probably green.
Chelsea: Was that his favorite color?
Oma: I think so.
Lucy: Maybe it was blue. It could have been blue.
Oma: Yeah. Maybe it was blue.
Chelsea: Or beige.
Lucy: Right. Beige.

And off they go to dreamland.


Christie said...

Those girls are the CUTEST! So, are you geared up and ready for the fun of MORE grandchildren? We can't wait to have you!

Polly said...

Kids are the cutest when they are listening to stories and when they are asleep.

Kay Dennison said...

They are soooooooooooo precious!!!!!!!!!!!!

whit said...

thats a really cute story..those girls are so cute!!