Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kidspeak: Ashley At Three

Ashley October 2008

Oma and Ashley were ready to leave when this little conversation took place.

Oma: Ashley, you better go to the bathroom.
Ashley: Why?
Oma: Just go in and try to go.
Ashley: Why?
Oma: Because there might not be any bathrooms on our errands.
Ashley: Do you mean 'Go Potty?'
Oma: Yes! Go potty!
ItalicAshley: Why did you say potty? The rule is 'no potty talk'. You shouldn't say potty.Oma: OK, just go to the bathroom.
Ashley: Why??

As they were driving, Ashley recognized her surroundings.

Ashley: Oma, we're driving by ballet! Are we going to ballet?
Oma: No. But where is ballet?
Ashley: Well, Oma, I don't just have a map in my head. You'll have to look on the computer.

By 6:00 AM the day was already underway.

Ashley: Can we watch a show?
Oma: Let's have breakfast, and get your clothes on first.
Ashley: Now can we watch a show?
Oma: Let's pick up this mess and comb your hair first.
Ashley: Now can we watch a show?
Oma: Just brush your teeth and wash your face first.
Ashley: I did.
Oma: Now we can watch a show!!!

Oma cleaned the kitchen and sat down to read the paper, in a leisurely way, while the movie entertained for the next ninety minutes. Wrong. After watching the coming attractions, Ashley announced the movie was over, and now it was time for Oma to play with her.

Oma: Why aren't you watching the movie?
Ashley: I can't just sit and watch TV all day! It isn't good for ya. What are we going to do now, Oma?


kenju said...

Whew! I could never keep up with her! Never a dull moment, I am sure...LOL

Kay Dennison said...

She is a cutie -- and definitely loves to have Oma entertain her!

Christie said...

Oh, she is a cute kid. Love the Ashley-isms.

Sheri said...

oh the patience you must have to be Oma!

gab said...

She cracks me up. Emily read that post twice just now!