Monday, November 3, 2008

Celebrate America

Look at the small red headline designated by the red box.
It says: "Statistically speaking, your vote won't tip results."


Are they trying to discourage voters?

This is the front page of today's newspaper, the day before the biggest presidential race in recent history at the height of a campaign that has changed the future for women and black Americans, putting "we believe that all men are created equal" in a totally new context. A contest that will make a difference in the lives of men, women and children for decades. And the Associated Press headlines with these words: "Voting for president and having your ballot be the deciding one, statistically, is like trying to hit the lottery. The odds for the average person are 60 million to 1 against it." (I get their point, but it's a stupid one.)

The important point is this: Casting my vote matters to ME! I live in Utah, the state where Bill Clinton came in 3rd. (Do you even remember who else was running?) My actual punch in the ballot card tomorrow won't change the fact that our small number of electoral votes will all go to John McCain. Does that mean I shouldn't bother because I won't count? That my 2¢ worth won't win the lottery? I'm a citizen of the United States of America, with an opportunity and a responsibility to study things out and vote my conscience. It seems like a sacred duty to me.

I love elections and particularly Election Day. In some states the kids are even out of school. I think it ought to be a holiday! I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve, full of anticipation and hope. I get a say! So do you.

I can't wait to hear what we all say!!!

My vote is the most important one to me. It means I'm part of the great blessing of being an American. It means I don't just take--I contribute, too. I count.

Even so, I am tired of the campaigns. They have gotten ugly and negative. I hang up on the robo-calls and delete the savage emails, hit pause during the ads, and junk the junk-mail, too. But it absolutely thrills me that we can campaign without secret police rounding up the offenders. I love the fact that we have freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, freedom to speak our opinions, even against those in power. Nobody can arrest me for voting for Barack Obama, even if they disagree with my choice. Your kids won't report you to their teachers if you vote for John McCain. That is not the case for many people. Citizens of some governments don't have a say.

Tomorrow night I'll be in front of the TV watching as each of our fifty states turns red or blue. I'll cheer and moan, and groan and yell, and hopefully throw my hat in the air. And however it turns out, it will be a giant celebration.

My vote matters to me, and yours matters to me, too.
God bless America!


Kay Dennison said...

You are absolutelt right!!! Would this newspaper have happened to endorse McCain-Palin?

gab said...

I am OMA. Hear me ROAR.

kenju said...

That newspaper ought to be censored for that!! Shame, shame on them.

Edna said...

I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog after seeing your comment under my Bobby Traps story. I am also from Utah and was another voter whose voted didn't change the way the state went but whose vote proudly went for our next president of the United States.

Tash said...

saw u at marta...
yeah Ut had much better numbers than ever! But still I totally get your point...why discourage people. But in other states the slanting was the other way. I "hope" he lives up to his wonderful promises. I am waiting to see. I love that you are so willing to share your opinion and get giddy about Politics. I love discussing it but so many people get offended. I like the good spirited debate. I liked "Obama with a side of Eggs" from Mwrites, and I voted McCain (as I held my nose). I watched all the primary debates both dem and rep and have loved every minute of the excitement of the last 2 years. I watched Obamas speech at 2004 DNC covention and really liked him (and have since changed by mind) but I still must admit that this was the one of the most exciting (twists and turns) election of my life... Sorry about my diatribe...