Monday, December 31, 2007

TravelinOma's Mission Statement

Image by A. E. Marty

Travelin'Oma Blog Mission Statement

I blog to remember my life, to leave a legacy and to encourage, support and lift others. I will write about significant experiences that have influenced me. I will use memories, insights, humor, and history to share lessons on living happily. I will record stories that discern beauty in the daily ups and downs of life, where faith in God makes all the difference.

Write articles on various subjects, including: Beliefs, Blessings, Challenges, Expertise, Family, Happiness, Hope, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

I will post five times a week.


I will consider it a successful post whenever I have fun writing an honest article that says something of worth.

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Connie Nelson said...

Thank you for posting your mission statement! I loved reading it and I realized that, it’s pretty close to how I feel about my blogging. You said it so beautifully and it helped me understand why I work so hard at blogging, and why I feel so driven to do it! I feel the years slipping away and I have so much I want to say and I don’t know who wants to listen, but; I have a need to write it down. Thanks again!