Thursday, November 16, 2006

A New York Tourist

If I were going to New York this week I would go to Bloomingdales, walk down 5th Ave (H&M) go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but not go through it, just go to the gift shop which is awesome, and eat lunch, go to a musical, go to Ground Zero and then over to Century 21 which is a cool TJ Maxx kind of place with designer clothes, go to a Kate's Paperie (there are several around town, look in the phone book and find one close to where you'll be. I go to the one at 57th Street between 6th and 7th Ave. It's a very neat paper, kind of scrapbook store, but with NYC style. Christie always raves about Chinatown where she goes shopping for knock off purses, and she loves it. I've never been there.

A store I think you'd love is MacKenzie and Childs (57th Street between 5th and 6th Ave.) It's a home furnishings store that is very cool. I always go to a store called Tender Buttons (62nd Street between Lexington and 3rd Ave). It's close to Bloomingdales and it's a tiny store that just sells buttons. It sounds strange, but there are beautiful antique buttons, coin type, designer, etc. I collect them and picture myself doing something cool with them someday. There's another place called Pierre Deux that's close around there (625 Madison Ave. at 58th St) that sells French country fabrics, gifts, furnishings, etc.
I love children's books and the store that is supposed to be Meg Ryan's store in You've Got Mail is called Books of Wonder. It's out of the way a little bit, but I go there every trip because I love it. I take a taxi: 18th Street between 5th and 6th Ave. Dee always finds the cool used book stores and we usually spend some time in the libraries wherever we go. The NY Public Library on 5th Ave at 37th Street is really neat. The inside is where they filmed the museum scenes and final scene of Thomas Crown Affair, and the outside is where Jerry and George find their old gym teacher sitting on the steps by the lion statues. There's a park called Bryant Park behind the library where there are often fashion shows and photo shoots, and there's a cafe that's really good. I love to go there.

In the morning I hit Bloomingdales, Kate's Paperie, MacKenzie and Childs and a bookstore right there called Rizzoli's (57th Street just off 5th Ave), and then I start walking on 5th Avenue and stop for lunch at Rockefeller Plaza, then go down to the library which is close to the Empire State Building, shop in the very cute Library Gift Shop, and then get a dessert and coke at Bryant Park. Then I usually take a taxi back to my hotel, or to meet Dee for dinner somewhere. I sometimes use the subway, but I'd rather be above ground and see places, unless I'm in a hurry to cover a lot of ground.

There's a bar/restaurant at the top of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square that is revolving and they have a good but expensive buffet after about 5pm. The view is unbelievable and if you sit there an hour you see the whole city. You're paying for the view but it's worth it. We love to eat at the Carnegie Deli or the Stage Deli. They are both on 7th Ave at about 55th Street. They have fantastic Reubens, Pastrami, etc. and NY Cheesecake. The sandwiches are HUGE and about $20 each, and you have to pay to split one, but it's fun. They are famous so someone can tell you where to go exactly. There is so much to do....I just love it there!

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mama jo said...

i also love mckenzie childs..they have a bizarre lunch you can eat there...also serendipity is one of our favs...kathy fryer knows alot of great restaurants...