Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks for Everything!

The Opi's went south for the holiday.

First Stop:
Trump International Hotel Las Vegas
Luxury room--$108--no casino,
directly across the street from Nordstrom's front door.
I was thankful.

The next day we crossed the desert, passed Joshua trees,
and arrived at a grand oasis--

a place to be restored!
(We were thankful.)

Opa buttered up the turkey,

Emmie buttered up the table,

And Sam buttered up his Oma.
(I'm always thankful for butter.)

All four grandparents had a personal server who filled our plates,
replenished our drinks and cleared away our dishes:





After dinner we all just kicked back for the weekend
and felt thankful.

Thanks for everything!


the wrath of khandrea said...

i love this post because i got to see gabi. thank you.

Grammy T. said...

So cute Oma. :D

Christie said...

Sigh. I wish we'd been there. Our Thanksgiving was sort of quiet and boring. Glad you guys had fun.