Monday, October 3, 2011

Home Again

Oh my gosh! There it is!

I think I found it!
(A mind is a terrible thing to lose.)
After a summer we'll always remember as mind blowing,
things are finally falling into place.

Of course, they really didn't fall there.
It took a team to help them land:
Amy did the balancing act,

while others directed.

And a miracle happened:
all our old stuff started looking new!

The TV cabinet from the bedroom turned into a hutch in the kitchen,

and the dishes that didn't fit in the cupboards
got stacked on top in a display.

It was like playing with a Rubik's cube. I discovered where something should go, and then I had to mess up everything I'd done everywhere else to get it there. There was always a pile of left-over stuff to move to the bedroom or the garage, and then the next day I'd be out searching for whatever had seemed unnecessary yesterday.

It's home. It didn't take a month or even a week. Our first night felt right, in spite of the mess around us. We're like the TV cabinet in the bedroom--we just needed a new spot, new surroundings, and we feel brand new! We're loving it!

This week I'm in St. Louis tending grands, with no boxes to empty or closets to organize, so I'll be giving home tours and tips on moving and decorating. Come on over . . .

TravelinOma is home again!


Diane said...

It's good to have you back, and congratulations on getting all moved in. I look forward to hearing more about it all. It's taking me back to when we moved here five years ago.

allison said...

my heart jumped with this new post. welcome back AND welcome home!

Grandma Cebe said...

Yay! Your place looks wonderful. I still want to take a ride on TRAX and come for a tour.

Erin said...

Good to hear you're back! hope everything is going well and that you're settling in alright. You've been missed.

Raejean said...

Your home is looking so cozy! I'm glad to see you are settling in.

Judy (kenju) said...

Welcome back!! I've missed your posts. I hope you are really liking your new digs!

~Kristina said...

Welcome Home! I'm so excited that you're back.

Polly said...

can't wait to see how put everything together. I'm sure it is fabulous!!!

Sheri said...

It's so fun to see the inside of your new home! (Especially after gawking at it from the outside.) Looks very homey already.

The Grandmother Here said...

Welcome back! We missed you!!