Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cleaning For a Reason

Sick and tired.

I got a good squeeze today. Being up close and personal with a mammogram machine reminded me of the many women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, while working hard to get well again. Hanging on the wall of the dressing room was a flyer that made me smile:

"Cleaning For a Reason is a service for women with cancer who are currently undergoing chemotherapy. They can have a free housecleaning once per month for four months with a doctor's note to verify treatment."

Maybe someone who reads my blog is sick and tired and needs this service, or maybe someone who reads your blog knows someone who does. Link to this post and spread the word!

Click here for more info:


Diane said...

What a great piece of information to pass on, and what a great service.

Somehow when I'm well and running around the state of my house is almost invisible. But when I am sick, or bed-bound, the dirt in the house is all I seem to see.

Christie said...

That is awesome - both about the cleaning service and that you got a mammo! Good job! So proud of you.