Friday, February 18, 2011

Definition of a Lady


Eight months pregnant, I was wearing a green mini-dress that I made myself. I'd embroidered little pink and purple flowers on the bodice—it was too cute for words. Panty hose hadn't been invented in 1970, so my nylons were held up by a garter belt. As I walked home from work one day, I could feel it sliding lower and lower until it slipped down under my belly. My arms were full of stuff, and I was walking next to a busy street. There was no way I could make the necessary adjustments.

Just then my neighbor pulled up in his truck and offered me a ride home. I climbed in and by the time I had arranged myself in the seat, I could see that the tops of my nylons were grazing my knees. I had no idea where the garter belt had positioned itself. When we got to my door I climbed out and watched his eyes widen to take in the sight. Inside, the mirror told the story: my dress ended at mid-thigh, my garter belt was down around my knees and my nylons were puddled around my calves. That's when I learned this truth:

"A lady is one who never shows her underwear unintentionally."

It's your turn:

Reveal some secrets in your memoir.
Write about an experience that makes you cringe.

What did you learn from it?

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Tracy said...

Oh my, this is dangerous territory but I will reveal as it truly is my most horrific memory and because, well, you asked!
I was fresh out of college and living on my own for the first time. I met someone who I adored and did NOT know this person was married. Well, evidently she suspected a little fling and follwed him months into our relationship. I lived in a first floor apt. and unbeknownst to me, she sneaked behind and while we were in the bedroom (yes, doing THAT!) she was peeking in the window finding us butt-naked! That moment was not only mortifying to be 'caught' but to find out he was NOT single!!!
I still think of it and shudder...

Christie said...

Mine is a day that will live in infamy:

Kathy C. said...

LOLOLOL...I love this cute... :)
Hmm, this one is VERY embarrassing. I was a young Mom and I went to MD to visit my sister, bringing along my 1 1/2 yr old son. We went to the beach...I had no understanding of waves and their power. So, my sweet little boy is on a blanket with my BIL and I'm playing in the surf. I turn to face the beach and wave at my little boy, when suddenly a wave overtakes me from behind. I am dragged down, rolled several times in sand and shell fragments, my long hair like seaweed wrapped around my head.
I finally get my bearings and stand up, facing out toward the ocean. I frantically wipe the hair from my face and realize my bikini top is completely ABOVE it's assigned position (if you get my drift). I am FACING 3 teenage boys who are staring at me as I shift and reposition my clothing. One of them point blank says "I bet you're really embarrassed, huh?"...I did not answer. I turned red (not from sunburn) and returned to the beach where I remained, lol.

polly said...

should i tell about my wedding? oh, that might take a bit toooooo long, maybe i'll blog about it someday.
a similar story to yours - while leading music in church, 9 months pregnant - my nylons and garter belt slipped down over my enormous belly and fell in a pool around my ankles. i just kept waving my arms.

Raejean said...

Kay Dennison said...

My life is a big DUH moment a my blog is testimony!!!!

ForeverRhonda said...

I wrote about an embarassing bad day awhile back in which I ended up half naked in my front about it

kenju said...

In the 9th grade, I was invited to a formal dance. My mom bought the "required" strapless formal gown, and then we discovered that no bra I owned could be worn with it. In order not to have to spend a lot of $$ on something I'd likely not wear more than once a year, I decided to go bra-less (the dress had tulle ruffles over the bosom area.) The problem came when I twirled, then stopped, but the dress didn't. It twirled too far to the right and my left boob was out for all to see. I guess the dress didn't really fit me well! LOL

Grandma Cebe said...

My kids and I were in southern California for a vacation. But we were very much on a shoestring budget. Towards the end of the trip, we were meeting my then single brother for dinner. I was a little concerned about paying for dinner and said, without thought, to my kids "Maybe, Uncle Al will pay for our dinner". Well, Uncle Al did pay for the dinner. But I was mortified when my youngest piped up with "Mom, he paid for dinner just like you hoped he would.". Talk about awkward. I learned that I needed to be careful about how I expressed my concerns in front of my kids. A smart lady wouldn't have said anything.