Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Movie Night

"We're not really into Harry Potter," we told Christie.
"You'll love this movie, I promise," she promised.

An adult's only theater?

Our usher first showed us how to use the seat buttons:
(relax, recline, heat back or tush.)

Then he gave us our menus.

Waiters were on call throughout the evening,
with gelato, ravioli, artichokes . . .
all the usual movie fare.

Christie was right. We loved the movie!

We never figured out the Harry Potter thing, though.


Christie said...

See? I am a genius. Clearly.

Doesn't help that the theater ROCKS.

Tracy said...

Wow, in a theater like that, I'd watch nearly anything!
sooo cool!
PS. I'm not into Harry either!

Diane said...

What a blast! You'll have to make that theater a new holiday tradition.

Linsey said...

Harry Potter? I can take it or leave it. But, I'd watch anything in that theater.

Miranda said...

Heaven! There used to be a theater like this in Denver. I went there when I was enormously pregnant with my first baby and sprawled across a loveseat to watch a movie. It was amazing. Going to movies has never been the same since. We were all so sad when it closed.

polly said...

I'd stay for all the Harry Potter's at that movie theater! (I'd probably sleep through the last few, after all that service) do they bring you warm blankets and pillows?