Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ghost Cake

Want to stir up something spooky?
Here's a recipe that haunts me.

Ghost Cake

Bake a cake in an oblong pan.
When cool, dump out of the pan carefully onto a tray.

Now cut off two pieces to create a rounded ghost shape.
The two extra pieces will become arms.

Use white meringue type frosting from a box to glue the arms on the sides of the cake.
Frost the cake.
Use black licorice for the mouth.

Now the spooky part:
Break an egg, dump out the insides, and place each 1/2 eggshell (open side up) for eyes.
Soak two sugar cubes in lemon extract.
Place sugar cubes in egg shells, and light them with a match.
The eyes will glow.



Susan said...

This cake looks like a real crowd pleaser! What fun!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! I'm feeling a ghostly theme this year, last year it was witchy. I just wish my Grands lived up here, I would really do it up then!

Christie said...

My peeps will be all over this one. I predict egg shells and fiery sugar cubes on everything.

Hil said...

Oh my, how my Little Guy will LOVE this!!

Hannah said...

This is so, so cute! Thanks!!

crissy said...

Hmmm...maybe I'll make this for my RS activity tonight... :)

Nina Lewis said...

What a delightful cake!!! I just wish that my family ate cakes . . . maybe they would this one . . .

marta said...

thanks for the recipe, mom! i just told a friend today that i was going to attempt it this halloween! xo.

Susan Adcox said...

My grandkids will love this!