Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Ties

(pictures by Scott)

One kid's relaxation is another kid's "What shall we do?"
Out comes an Oma kit:

Eleven kids, eleven balls of yarn (eleven different colors.)

Unroll your yarn to make a giant web.
It can't touch the ground or any other color, except to cross over.
The first person to run out of yarn wins.

Very ingenious, Emmie!

Now, rewind!

Luke's almost finished—
This prize better be good.

Tickets to a Mountain Mama concert?

"Too much of a good thing," said Sam.

And now, it's Opa's annual bubblegum contest!

Yeah, whatever.

Just put your lips together and blow.

Bubble boy.

Almost . . .


Make some family ties.

Grandma Shelly, Heffalump and Grandma Lizzie gave me great ideas for campout activities. Check them out!


Diane said...

I love the yarn game - good for almost any age. Good for any age once they're old enough.

I'll check out those sites and get some more ideas. Thanks for sharing. It looks like your camping trip was a success.

the wrath of khandrea said...

please adopt me, or at the very least, my kids... so they can have some fun that requires more thought than "NBA LIVE" on playstation.

kenju said...

You're a genius. Wish I'd known about the yarn years ago!

Susan Adcox said...

What fun! I haven't tried the yarn game, but I bet the grands would love it!