Friday, October 23, 2009

School of Thought Seminar: Post Card NYC

Today we're eating the Big Apple. Here's a postcard from New York City: land of the Statue of Liberty, Fifth Avenue, Ground Zero, and David Letterman.

Since we're discussing your philosophies in this class, I'd like you to take one of those topics and write a paragraph to express how you feel.

Homework: Do any or all or be inspired.

~Prompt: "When I see a picture of the Statue of Liberty I get chills. To me, it means . . . "

~Prompt: "Fifth Avenue is the code word for shopping. When I think of shopping I . . ."

~Prompt: "I'll never forget where I was on 9-11. I . . . "

~Prompt: "I go to bed every night with Dave. But lately . . . "

*If you do any part of this assignment on your blog, please link it back to TravelinOma and provide proper attribution. Leave a comment here (with a link to your homework if you want to share it) and/or a link to your blog (so we can get to know you.) School Days has open enrollment so join anytime. No make-up work required! If you're new, click here for an orientation.


Soul-Fusion said...

I really wish you had come to NYC yesterday - it was the most perfect fall day ever with a bright blue sky, 70 degree temps and free pumpkin whoopie cookies from the dessert truck. Have a great time and if you happen to see the NBA store while wandering 5th Ave, glance up because that is where I will be working. Have a great time!

audrey said...

This was something I have wanted to write about for a long time. Thank you for providing motivation.


crissy said...

I have felt uninspired lately, but today's assignment was different. Sorry for being such a slacker.

my homework

diane said...

There is nothing like shopping in NYC.

carol said...

Lately I think Dave is going to bed with everybody! Like his ex wife said dave promised not to cheat on anyone but me. I feel so betrayed.

gab said...

So much fun! Thanks for an amazing time, Mom.

Misty said...

Did it ...ish

dalene said...

i have always wanted to go to nyc. no, that's not true. i don't like crowds, so i have always had mixed feelings about going, but lately i've wanted to go more than ever before. i want to go with my good friend jenny who is from the state of new york. she is good fun, very funny, and i'll bet she knows how to do nyc just right.

for my homework i put down in writing all the thoughts i've had about dave and about the women who gave him a pass. thank you for letting me vent a little.

~j. said...

I heart that city.

debby said...

remembering 9-11