Friday, October 30, 2009

School Days: Class Party!

Heroes Behind Bars, 1980

"I'm sick of school. I hate it. It's like I'm trapped. We just do the same things over and over. It's total busy work. Why can't I drop out? It's not teaching me anything, anyway. Everybody sleeps or sluffs. I can't believe I signed up for these stupid classes for a whole stupid semester. Do you know how boring it is to talk about the same thing for twelve weeks? And what's the big deal about graduating? It's just a stupid piece of paper. I am so done."

Family Council, 1985

"Mom, get a grip. You can't quit school. You're the teacher."

"Oh. Yeah."

I haven't been in school for . . . what's it been? Forty one years? But I recognize this feeling. Senioritis. I began the term with enthusiasm. A new notebook, sharpened pencils, a clean desk, a clean slate. Now I'm dragging, counting weeks, gazing out the window imagining myself with nothing to do. Maybe that's why I ended up with C's when I started out with A's. I'm a poor closer.

Well, that was then. I signed up for this gig and I'm going to finish it, and you are, too. But we need something to jump-start the last three weeks—we need a party.

Stop! Right where you are.

You're invited to a
Come-As-You-Are Halloween Parade

  • Get out your phone, your camera, (or your crayons) right this second and take your picture. Absolutely no primping allowed.
  • Email it to me: martyhalverson at Hook the words together with @ (instead of the word at) like all email addresses.
  • Write Goulie Parade in the subject line. Include your first name, and/or blog address. That's it!
Send your photos by 10:00 tonight, and you'll be in the Ghoulie Parade tomorrow.

Even if you don't send a picture, come to the party!
(That's your homework.)

All the ghouls will be there.


Tiffany said...

I'm a poor closer too. I'm sending my picture to you, even though it's completely unfair that I read your blog first thing in the morning, before I've seen a shower or comb. But I adore you enough to play along!

Yiota said...

Can I still come if I'm a drop-out? Well, I only did the first two assignments but read your posts every day and I'm often inspired. I especially like the Book Shelf seminars.

crissy said...

I've been giving excuses left and right for why I've had trouble completing assignments as of late. It's been backwards from how I was in high school. (I skipped class and got lots of fs in 9th, fewer fs in 10th, lowest grade in 11th was a d, and by senior year I was a hard working no-slacking lover of school.)
I'll try to get my act together for these last couple of weeks.

polly said...

i was a major sluffer! which is why i didn't sign up for your school!, but i do read everyday. i'll go take a picture, cause it sounds like fun.

Diane Linford said...

Hang in there! The class is going great. I often scramble to get my assignments done, but I have an amazing sense of accomplishment that I haven't had in a long while. So remember that you are changing lives as you hit your bumps in the road.

Of course, this from a girl who never skipped school because she couldn't think of anything better to do. (My husband's closing line when I say this is: and she lived less than a mile from the beach!)

Misty said...

I agree, it's not fair that I'm reading your blog before I do much of anything else. But I'm so in. I love to party. :)

Christie said...

Ha! I'm actually reading blogs late today, so I'm all dressed (though the face doesn't look fabulous). Sending my pic now!

Beck said...

I'm all dressed, too, but I look tired because I actually took a nap today when my little one did.

Sorry I've been MIA. I used the "I'm on official school business" and wore my class officer sweater my senior year so that I could skip and not get in trouble. I'm guessing that won't fly here... :)

diane said...

Such a fun idea. I'll bring cupcakes.

Miranda said...

Oh no! 10:00 was half an hour ago! I'll try wouldn't be the first time I've turned in something late to a teacher. (scampers off to find camera)

dalene said...

i have no idea where my camera is and turns out i was a day late for class. but a friend of mine at work took a pictures today our awesome halloween decorations at my work(it was a contest and our department won a pizza party!). when he e-mails it to me i will e-mail it to you, just for fun.

as for finishing, i'm going to try. i'm starting nablopomo on sunday, so i've been giving my blog a rest. but as long as it doesn't matter where i write it and late work still counts (like the two weeks worth i've almost finished tonight) then i'm going to give a shot at doing both.