Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Original Junie B.

Mom, 1931

My little granddaughters are captivated by Junie B. So they are especially thrilled to know they are related to her. In fact, she's my mom! Now, I know the books the girls read now weren't really written about my mom, because my mom's stories are even funnier, and the best thing is they're real, not pretend. (You'll agree when somebody finally gets them written.)

Today I'm re-publishing a little introduction bio to the original Junie B. in honor of her birthday.


gab said...

Hooray for the original Junie B! We got a new flag in her honor.

marta said...

sweetest picture! i love that Grandma had flags all over her home, reminding me of her special day; flag day.

xoxo. m
p.s. have a fabulous vacay!

Josette said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. looks like your blog should be published! so many great stories!

Polly said...

thanks for posting another great blog about mom! she did teach us all how to make a house a home. We had a fun time celebrating her birthday yesterday as we watched Ty and Melanie get married!