Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa's Workshop

Some of Santa's elves stopped by for a sleepover.
(There wasn't much sleeping, however.)

The gingerbread men were on the run!

But they were caught by these foxy little ladies...

...and all dolled up...

...before their demise.

This workshop really hummed. The elves danced to The Chipmunks ("Alvin!") practiced a puppet show, rehearsed the Nativity play, watched The Snowman (a darling movie for Oma and Opa, too.) There were paper dolls to dress, stories to read, and carols to sing. (They sang spontaneously to all the folks riding on the elevator, walking down the hall, and delivering the mail!)

After the flurry of little footsteps disappeared, I sat down to catch my breath.
For two days.

Illustration by Hazel Frazee, 1933


Polly said...

looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Kay Dennison said...

How fun!!!!!! And they are simply adorable!!!

Sheri said...

Christmas must be a JOY with you as Oma!

Keri(th) said...

Five of the luckiest little ladies in the world! Brings back so many memories of good times with sisters, cousins, and Grandma.