Thursday, December 11, 2008

Simplify Christmas, Republished 2009

Dear Old Santa

It all started when I decided to simplify Christmas. I even bought a book about it. After it sat on my desk for a few days, unread, I put it on the soon to be read shelf, but I was afraid I'd forget about it. So I decided to consolidate all the unread organization/simplification books into one section. That involved rearranging the bookshelf.

The organization process.

Noticing what a fabulous selection of unread books I had, I decided to read one. It was full of suggestions about organizing files for everything you want to do. "Wow!" I thought. "Wouldn't Christmas be simplified if I pre-wrote a blog for every day before Christmas?" The book inspired me...I just needed some files.

My new file shelf.

The files looked cool and organized, but they were empty. If I just reorganized my old file cabinet Christmas Drawer, I'd have great material to put in my new files.

The simplification process.

One part of the file cabinet held I bunch of stuff I decided I wanted to scan. Wouldn't it be great if all the pre-written Christmas blogs had pre-scanned images? I just needed somewhere to collect my new collection.

Hmmm...This might not be so simple.

So now, I've simplified and organized myself into complicated chaos. And of course I've had to put off writing all those poetic Christmas blogs. I've got a room to reassemble.

Digging through some stacks today, I found my December To Do list, printed on cute Christmas paper. Suddenly I remembered how I had planned my Christmas celebrating so systematically back in October, with a few chores scattered among days filled with music and tranquility. It was all going to be so simple.


gab said...

You are the queen of organization. I think I take after Dad...

Bev said...

no matter how organized I try to be, there are always a few things around to throw a shoe into the works

I'm sure you'll be back from that organizing soon

Christie said...

I love how you organize your plan for organization. I'm sure there's a clinical name for what you have, but I don't yet know what it is. You probably should be studied in a lab.

Cath said...

Isn't that just the way of things? This is the very reason I tend to avoid organization! It just keeps things so simple! ;)

diane said...

When I have things to do I wander and worry and get nothing done at all. What's up with that?

Polly said...

I understand your method of organization perfectly!