Saturday, December 1, 2007

Blogging Guide

Ten tips for reading my blog:
  1. Don't be afraid. You can't get lost. (Just click on your back button.)
  2. Articles are called Posts. The most recent post appears first, and they go backwards.
  3. I have a comment section at the end of a post. I want your comments! Don't be shy. Sometimes your comment will start a conversation, so check back.
  4. The underlined phrases in my blog articles are links. Click your mouse on a link and you will automatically go to another site. (Click your back button to get back to the original site.)
  5. The section on the side of the main article is called a sidebar. There's a link to find out My Complete Profile. Other links take you to My Areas of Expertise. I've got quotes and illustrations to portray the personality of my blog.
  6. The sidebar has a list of other blogs called a blogroll. On my blog I have a Family Section (blogs by family members) and Regular Reads, which is a list of my favorite blogs. Click on any of the names, and you'll go directly to that blog. (Just click the back button to come back.)
  7. In the sidebar you'll see a list of categories. If you like an article about Salzburg, for instance, you can search for that category and click it to see all the articles on that subject.
  8. At the bottom of the sidebar is a link to Archives. To read past posts, click the little triangle by the year, and then the month. A list of articles pops up. Clicking on one will take you there.
  9. Copyright laws apply to anything posted on a blog. If you aren't using it to make money, most bloggers won't mind being quoted if you give them credit for the idea, and link to their blog, (or give others the name and URL address to their blog.) If you're advertising or selling anything, you must get the author's permission.
  10. Explore! Bloggers are creative in how they design their blogs, and want readers to appreciate their efforts!

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