Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bis auf Wiedersehen! (See you April 1st)

(Me, 1969)

I'm going back to my roots.

(Us, 1969)

Dee has on his Lederhosen and I'm twirling in my Dirndl. We're leaving for Ößterreich (Austria).

(Dee, Germany 1966)

Our excitement is enough to lift us right off the ground. We could probably fly on our own power!

Austria is the eastern-most country in the western world.
The name in German means Eastern Kingdom.

Salzburg was founded before 700 B.C.
We found it in 1969;
this will be our 14th visit to that city.

We're not sure if it will be winter or spring,
but we don't care a bit.

(Sound of Music was filmed there.)

Apfel Struedel at a Viennese Cafe
will be next on the list.
We'll be heading to Prague, and other places unknown.

Dee is gathering history for a family with beginnings in Bohemia.
We'll be haunting bookstores, libraries, and archives; searching for addresses, graves, and hometowns; taking photos, interviewing descendants and touring villages.

Since we started our love affair in this lovely land, we feel young again whenever we visit.

(Dee at Werfen Castle, 1969)

We think we can do anything!

The reality is more like this.

(Not really. This is the real Maria von Trapp.)

You'll get the details later.
Check in with me April 1st.

'Til then, "So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good-bye..."


Joy Des Jardins said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time Mary. And...aren't you just that pic back in

Joy Des Jardins said...

Ooops...honestly, I really do know how to spell your name Marty. Bon Voyage sweetie....

Bridget said...

Wow! Have a great time!

Holly said...

Have fun!!!!

mama jo said...

have a fantastic time..wish i was going..

Christie said...

It's not too late to change your mind and bring your transcriptionist. Really.

Have a great time! Love the old pics.

MissKris said...

Dear Hubby's maternal grandparents were born in Austria and emigrated to Canada around the turn of the century. Then they moved to Oregon City and lived here 'til they died. Have a great trip and enjoy!!!!

SaraLynn said...

Have fun, and I cannot wait for the stories!

Ashlee said...

Have fun! Travel safely!

kenju said...

I'll try hard not to be envious! I know you'll have a wonderful time; be safe!

i'm kelly said...

have a great trip. are you sure i can't stow away? my boys are good little travelers!

marta said...

hooray, hooray! have a blast travelin' oma! this is what you two do best.

moon said...

Take loads of photos!! Have loads of fun! Eat loads of great food...and make sure u take the time to take a load off to relax lol!!

Kay Dennison said...

Have fun Marty!!!!!!!! Hurry back!!!!!

the hogan's said...

so fun to look at the old pictures of you guys! have so much fun.

Virginia said...

It's wonderful to go back to your roots, and possibly shockingly changed. Bring home lots of photos to share with us.

Suzz said...

What a fabulous adventure! Can't wait to hear your travel tales and see the pictures!

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Sandra Ferguson said...

I hope your trip is everything dreams are made of.

Can't wait to hear all the details.

Enjoy your youth.