Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy 43rd Anniversary!

September 9, 1969

"Love at first sight is understandable.
Staying in love is the miracle."

September 9, 1969

"Tell me who you love and I'll tell you who you are."

June 1971

"A great discovery in marriage is that you can grow separately
without growing apart."

June 1983

"The most important things in life aren't things."

October 2008

"Love isn't just gazing at each other,
it's looking out in the same direction."

November 2011

Me: I think you're starting to rub off on me.
Dee: That's good. I've been trying to lose some weight.

I would rather do nothing with this guy
than something with anybody else!


kenju said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Joanie said...

Well, I just finished reading your love story and it was wonderful to say the least. In chapter 6 you mentioned Dr. Douglas Tobler who mentioned his like experience with his wife Carole. I want you to know that I drove Carole to the temple for her marriage and accompanied her through getting her endowments and following marriage. We were roommates and best friends and I think Doug Tobler is just as great as Carole. He is now a patriarch in Pleasant Grove. Anyway, thanks for sharing your personal and inspiring story! I loved it!! Much love,
Joanie Rollins

Polly said...

pete looks just like dee in that first picture. love that outfit with the checked skirt. looks familiar. happy anniversary. you were made for each other.

Satia said...

Only the best and most happy things for you both. Thank you as always for sharing because I always end up with a smile.

~Kristina said...

Happy Anniversary!