Tuesday, August 14, 2012


While we were gone, baby Seth joined our family.
Marta is Seth's mom, and Dan is Seth's dad.

Benji is Seth's big brother, and he came for a sleepover last night. Dee graciously let Benji share the master bedroom with me, and I made him a comfy bed on the floor with a feather tick, quilts and several fluffy pillows.

"Who's sleeping there, Oma?" he asked.
"You," I replied.
"Well," he said, "I could sleep in the bed."
"I thought I'd sleep in the bed," I said.
"Well, it's big enough for two," he said.
"Really?" I said.

He's learning to share his mom and his dad.
It might be too much to expect him to share his bed!
(The floor wasn't that comfy, by the way.)

Welcome to Seth Wells Dansie
Cousins Club Member #22

Read Marta's beautiful new-baby post here.


Amanda said...

Haha so cute! This brings back great memories of sleepovers with my own grandmother. I always slept in the bed with her and she would tease me about hogging the blankets and making her cold.

Congratulations on your new grandson!

Susan Adcox said...

Congratulations on #22! Adorable, and so is your little engineer.