Thursday, June 28, 2012

Call the Doctor!

They did it!

They upheld the healthcare act! I'm thrilled! I'm beyond thrilled. As a victim of pre-existing conditions that kept our family from buying insurance for 25 years (for us and our seven kids) I know the extreme anxiety of living without the option of healthcare. I know the stress of a $77,000 heart attack with no coverage, making decisions about cancer treatment based on our savings account, digging deep for $800 a month to buy medications. Not having access to affordable healthcare causes panic attacks!

Dee's long-awaited medicare birthday gave us much needed relief last October. But knowing many families in similar straits, I'm happy they won't face bankruptcy fears whenever they notice a mole that looks suspicious. (It's not the pre-cancerous mole that causes fear, it's the tag of pre-existing that scares the daylights out of an uninsured parent.)

Thank you to Teddy Kennedy. I wish he was alive to see this day! This is as important a supreme court decision as granting Civil Rights in the 60's. Universal healthcare is constitutional!

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We're going to celebrate by standing in the fresh air without worrying about an asthma attack!
Congratulations, America!


Heffalump said...

I don't have health insurance, and I'm not happy about it. Now I will be taxed for not having health insurance.
I don't like my freedoms being stepped on.
I'm all for less expensive insurace, and for pre-existing things being covered, but not at the cost of a loss of rights.

the wrath of khandrea said...

AMEN. i am actually happy to report that you broke the news to me. i haven't reviewed the ruling yet, but there is a lot to be celebrated about this component passing.
i'm so tired of the political beefs. it's a tough subject, for sure. and no decision will be perfect for everyone. but looking at the bigger picture, this is good.

Susan Adcox said...

I am with you, Oma. When President Obama was elected, the majority of the country wanted health care reform. Then the partisan fighting began, and lots of people who will benefit from the ACA turned against it. I'm happy that the Supreme Court upheld it and we can get on with making it work.