Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trust Your Instincts

"Hi, Opa." The little voice squeaked with worried tears.
"We have a big prob-wem!" His panic came through the phone.
"Songbear needs surgery, and there's nobody else who can help us."

Songbear is Benji's best friend, and he'd been hugged til his stuffing was coming out.
A holiday bath had made things worse, and Benji was feeling his buddy's pain.
"Can you help us?" he whimpered.

Opa perfected his sewing skills years ago with Cub Scout shirts and Boy Scout patches. There's nobody he'd rather pick up a needle for than a little boy. He arranged to meet his patient at the Christmas Eve party.

All during the festivities Opa snipped and stitched.

"I'm trying not to hurt him," he said as the needle poked a furry backside.

When Operation Songbear was complete, Benji tied the final knot.
The perfect Christmas present.
(Who needs Santa when you've got an Opa?)

Forty three years ago, when I was just nineteen, I met a 22-year-old boy. We were on a semester abroad without the accouterments we normally judge people by. I didn't know his family, what kind of car they drove, how they interacted. I'd never seen him in real life—his clothes, his friends, his house.

Ten days later we decided to get married. My parents freaked out when they got the letter. What was I thinking? They didn't know a thing about him! But I did. Our first Saturday together he shined my shoes.

Something told me he'd be an awesome Opa.


Satia said...

Truly an amazing story but then all love stories are amazing, especially when told many years later.

VickiC said...

Lovely post.
I got a good one, too.

Michelle said...

Ah, love this.

And Opa is beardless! He looks fabulous.

Amanda said...

This is amazing! Truly lovely!

Christie said...

Best snap decision you ever made. He's a total keeper.

~Kristina said...

Oh, be still my heart. Love this story!

marta said...

we knew the 'opa hospital' would be the best in the business. songbear is still going strong. thanks for giving him a makeover for the new year! best gift yet!

Misty said...

You (and Benji) are so so blessed!

Susan Adcox said...

Great story! I'm a little jealous. I never had a boyfriend who would shine my shoes or a grandpa who would mend my toys.