Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interior Design: Welcome Home

Carl Larsson's art captures a spirit of Gemutlichkeit.
This still life says, "You're home."

Supernal Way Family Room

This corner of our family room said the same thing.

Carl Larsson's Bedroom

I love bright color with white walls,
(Notice the lace ceiling of the bed.)

Supernal Way Bedroom

Our brass bed had a pedigree!
We could trace ownership back to the 1700's.
(Now we're just another former owner on the chart.)

Can you smell pot roast?

Supernal Way Big Room

Our old stove didn't cook anything.
(We kept board games in the warming ovens.)

Supernal Way Dining Room

This table had enough leaves to seat 24 people!
(Our space only worked for twelve.)
To make a room seem timeless, there should be at least one antique.
(Does an Oma count as an antique?)

Carl Larsson' study

I like studies that look like there's some studying going on.

Dee's Office

Dee's study is open until his eyes close.

Choosing colors and pieces you really love (rather than the latest trends) makes your home unique, personal and warm. It will express you. Right now my challenge is to make new spaces say the same old thing, "You're home."

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Heidi said...

I love our old hutch. Love how you embellished it with wall paper. Even now all those rooms totally look darling to me. Either your style is timeless, or I'm your daughter. I've always loved your sense of style, mom!