Friday, April 8, 2011

Ready, Get Set . . .

Norman Rockwell


I'm off to London, Ireland and Austria.
But I have big plans for you!
You'll be visiting some of my favorite spots—
and some of you will be welcoming us.
(I love to pop in on folks. Don't you?)

Watch for my postcards!


Grandma Cebe said...

Can't wait!

Martha said...

WOW! What a trip! I love Austria! I haven't been to Ireland or England yet, so I will be looking forward to seeing some places I should visit and taking notes. Hopefully, you can take pictures and video with your new phone to share quickly with us.

Linsey said...

We are going to London and Vienna in a few months. Can't wait for your recaps and some inspiration for our visit.

Have a great and productive trip.

Tracy said...

Have a wonderful time and I look forward to the postcards!

Susan Adcox said...

I'll enjoy the vicarious tour!