Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Some folks just look qualified.

Do you have credentials that prove your abilities? Or is your experience far beyond your training? What could you do with your expertise? I could:
  1. Teach kindergarten
  2. Write advertisements for hotels
  3. Give marriage counseling to engaged couples
  4. Teach creative writing to 10th graders
  5. Present story hour in a library
  6. Decorate a pediatrician's office
  7. Create window displays for a stationery store
  8. Analyze potential jurors for a lawyer
  9. Compose poems for greeting cards
  10. Be a life coach for empty-nest moms
  11. Plan European ancestry pilgrimages
  12. Rearrange closets for shop-a-holics
  13. Coordinate scrapbook paper packets
  14. Compile quotation books
  15. Discover quaint cafes and shops for guide books
  16. Make up jingles for commercials
  17. Write an advice column
  18. Organize bookshelves
  19. Find forgotten places
  20. Make book-mark kits

But without credentials, I'm not credible.
(Does that make me incredible??)

*Homework Assignment:

~List your incredible abilities.

~What did you want to be when you grew up?

~What would you advise a teenager to major in?


Kay Dennison said...

Hmmmmmmmm food for thought!!!!

Amy said...

Here's my list of incredible abilities. It is just the reminder I needed.

Josh said...

I'm qualified to teach the bagpipes, bend nails and tear decks of cards, speed read, increase their blog traffic, get stronger, find better books to read, and a few more.

I'm a librarian, and most of the things I'm good at are not required or useful at my job.

I'd encourage any teenager to major in not waiting their turn or accepting conventional wisdom just because someone says that "it must be done this way."

Awesome post.

diane said...

I need your services with #10 and I could use some help with closet organization.

You are incredible.

Janie said...

Yes, you are incredible! I, too, need help with #10.
The package came today. :)

Mrs. Organic said...

Impressive list. I guess I'm your go-to gal when you have an insurance battle. I really wish I didn't need that skill.

Shelley said...

I love this! Sometimes I need a promt or jump start when I write in my journal this is perfect! Thanks!

~Kristina said...

This one got me thinking real hard. Thanks Oma!