Monday, December 7, 2009

Give a Merry Christmas

Illustration from The Truth About Santa Claus

Some people are just naturally merry.

Take Santa Claus, for instance. Can you imagine him complaining about the cold or feeling sorry for himself because he works 24/7? He is a "jolly, happy soul" whose main goal in life is to make us smile. He's the ultimate optimist.

There are "those who always live life as if it were filled with bright lights, beautiful music, happy children, exciting adventure and endless promise." Don Gale wrote this about optimists. "They make life better just by being part of it. They enjoy people, places and things. Their enthusiasm is contagious."

Don says, "You have undoubtedly met these individuals—the woman who brightens a room when she enters, not because of her appearance but because of her attitude, her smile or her friendliness—the man who stops you on the street, asks about your family, remembers something you said two weeks ago . . . The greatest gift anyone can give another is a positive attitude, a smile and genuine interest.

"Like all human behavior, optimism is learned. No one is born with it or without it. You learn it. You practice it. You try it out until it becomes a habit. And then you can't imagine behaving any other way . . ."

Don's advice: "Begin with a smile. Take a real interest in what others are thinking, saying, and doing. Get outside yourself. You can (and do) change everyone with whom you come in contact. The question is whether you add to or subtract from the day's experience."

Is there an optimist that makes your life better? What do they do to influence you?

Santa has some happy characteristics. He winks a lot. He smiles, laughs and eats cookies. But the main thing is this: he thinks of others, and forgets himself. That must be the secret of giving a Merry Christmas.


gab said...

I like anonymous. How's that for being optimistic?!!

Mom--You are the greatest positive thinker I know. Thank you for always looking on the bright side, for finding the humor, and for offering hope and gladness wherever you go!

mama jo said...

love this post...that's what i want to be...santa!!

polly said...

love being around smiley optimistic people. they make me feel happy. hope i can follow their example.

Christie said...

YOU are my optimist. I know I can always count on you to help me see the glass as half-full, even when it's not.

diane said...

I'm good at laughing and eating cookies.

Your blog is a bright and optimistic spot in my life. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into it and shared this year.

Katie H said...

I love reading your blog, because you are optimistic. It helps me more than you know!

My hubby is perpetually sunny, and I am so thankful for this man. Even when I'm grumpy in the mornings, before the sun's risen. ;)