Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Clock's Changed

Art by Esther Wilkin

Remember late-night ramblings into the nether regions of my Ambien-soaked brain? Remember my 3:30 a.m. publishing deadlines? Somebody reset my clock!! I woke up in a new time zone.

Lately my eyes pop open at 6:30 in the morning; my fingers itch for the keyboard, and ideas pull me off my pillow. But after my long-standing routine (open drapes, straighten bedroom, prayers, scriptures, breakfast, newspapers, and self-maintenance) when I sit down at the screen, it's blank and so am I. My timing's off.

The old me drifted off during the lack of news at ten, perked up for the forecast, and jotted post this on post-its while Dave read the Top Ten. I now jolt awake on the couch at 1:30 a.m. and groggily stagger past my computer, trying to remember if I even made it through Dave's monologue.

I've been in Neverland for a week, which has meant Neverblog. This morning I'm entering my new time zone with purpose. I'll go bravely where my body clock leads—and post in the morning.


Bev said...

after 30 years of getting up for a 7 am start time at a job (which meant up at 5:30 latest!), I still wake early --- and after feeding the dog and making the kitchen tidy I hit the computer ---- it works for me!

follow what works for you!! your reading fans will be watching

Christie said...

I like your Ambien induced posts, but am highly impressed at your new time zone. After all these years, is Opa rubbing off on you?

kenju said...

Good luck with that.

diane said...

This is one of the parts of menopause I hate the most. I'm on the wake at 5am schedule. This is a problem since I can't get to sleep until one with an ambien. Ugh.

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