Friday, July 17, 2009

Show Me

Art from Mom's Almanac

As a mom, I loved TV. I thought it improved vocabulary, taught kids about different people and cultures, kept them occupied early Saturday morning, and settled them down while I fixed dinner. I listened to a lot of TV from the kitchen.

Here are some of my favorite kid's show memories:
(Click for a gentle reminder.)
  1. I'm Just a Bill
  2. James Taylor Up On a (Sesame Street) Roof
  3. Mr. Rogers break-dancing
  4. The Waltons saying goodnight.
  5. Happy Days
  6. Today's Special
  7. Little House on the Prairie
  8. Punky Brewster
  9. Electric Company
  10. Roosevelt Franklin Rap
How has TV helped you in the Mother 'hood?


diane said...

Elmo, Blue and Barney were some of my kids favorite babysitters. They helped keep me sane as well. I find Barney terribly annoying but my kids were hypnotized by him.

The Grandmother Here said...

One year, just one year, for the kids' spring break we put the TV off limits. The six of them played together and played board games. They were more pleasant than ever before. Of course after that week we went back to normal but I really am of the old school in thinking that TV rots the brain.

Abby said...

Jake isn't even 2 yet and his vocabulary is amazing. I have people comment nearly everyday about how many words and sentences he can say. And guess what? I owe a lot of it to Dora, Diego, the Backyardigans, and annoyingly enough Ka Lain some chinese character. My kid can say 123 in chinese very well. At 9 months old he would watch a full 30 min episode. No people say TV isn't good, and I believe children shouldn't be in front of it all day, but if the show is educational sometimes they will learn more then they would you trying to keep their attention for 30 minutes. My kid is one smart little sucker and TV hasn't hurt that at all-- I owe Noggin a huge thanks! Abby