Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blogline Clogline

I have a bloggy question.

I read blogs using Bloglines. Suddenly new posts aren't showing up, and I have a red explanation mark next to every blog on my list. Does anybody know what this means?
How can I fix it? 

Does this happen on Google Reader? If I switch, how can I get my list over to Google Reader?

P.S. Have you seen The Changeling? It is a distressing but compelling true story starring Angelina Jolie. I wouldn't recommend it as a show for everyone, but if you've seen it I'd like to hear what you thought. I actually thought it was very well done. 

I've been reading all the details on Wikipedia tonight. The movie is totally accurate, except for the fact that the bad guy's mother was an accomplice (they left her out), and that the friend in the psych ward was a composite of a few real characters. 

I've never been an Angelina fan, but I thought she was stunning as Christine Collins. I liked the lighting, costuming, setting, filming and the message. The subject matter (a child kidnapping) was disturbing and sad.

P.S. p.s. Does my blog take a long time to load?  Does it make a difference if it's in Firefox or Safari?

P.S. p.s. p.s. This is kind of a composite post.


Polly said...

I loved the Changeling...not loving in that it was a feel good movie, but that it was interesting and very well done and just couldn't believe it was true! and that the police were so corrupt and could get away with it! Thought Angelina was really good in it! I love your new header! The rest of your questions I don't understand..I just go to your blog and it comes up.

Bev said...

I have no trouble with your blog loading up promptly --- and I'm still using the old windows internet explorer program

Sheri said...

I don't have trouble with your blog loading up promptly --- and I also use windows internet explorer. Don't know how to help with the problem because I don't use Bloglines. Don't use Goggle Reader either.

I liked Angelina in the Changeling and thought it was disturbing. Don't understand why the Police didn't believe her, etc. I thought it was well done.

Keri(th) said...

Bloglines has been having some issues lately. Not exactly sure what they are, but you'll notice that once the red exclamation point disappears, it will re-load every post on a person's blog as a new one. Imagine my surprise when yours had 557 new posts today!

I have no experience with google reader, so my advice in that department is useless (though I'm sure I could come up with some pretty good fake stuff).

Your blog loads immediately (even on my 'grandma-mac') and it makes no difference whether I'm using Safari or Firefox.

I haven't seen the movie, but I've become familiar with the true story. I'm surprised how many people have recommended this film despite the casting of Angelina (you're not the first to mention how well she did in the film). And then there was that whole 'Oscar nomination' thing, so she's probably not too shabby.

I also think your new header looks great!

mama jo said...

no problem loading your post...i loved was one of those 'thinker' movies...and i looked up the stories also...pretty horrible..i love angelina..and loved her in this one...

Christie said...

Switch to google reader. It's a pain because you have to hand-enter each blog you read, but it's so much more stable than Bloglines. I was having a lot of problems with BL, then I switched to Google, and I love it.

If you have two windows open and tab back and forth between the two when you're entering all your blogs into google reader, it's isn't too bad. Definitely worth all the effort.

marta said...

hi mom.. i am so over bloglines. i've moved onto google reader which is good because it made me rethink all the blogs i read!

there is a 'subscribe' link that you can drag onto your bookmark bar so it's really easy to subscribe to the blogs you read. good luck!