Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Opening Doors

Vienna Doors, 2008

Doors were opening for me in 1969, and at the same time I realized some people were living behind iron curtains. Budapest was one of those places.


kenju said...

What beautiful doors they are, and I love the planters of forsythia. I'd sure like to see what was behind those doors.

Sheri said...

I love pictures of doors. Hope you are having a wonderful trip! Love the story about Budapest.

Keri(th) said...

What a wonderful story. I was actually quite nervous while I was reading... terrified that Dee wouldn't make it back to the bus and be hauled of to prison.

Then I remembered that you've been married for years and have many children, so he OBVIOUSLY made it out alive! (Haven't had my diet coke yet.)

Great morning read.