Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Overheard at Oma's Tea Party

Goldilocks (2) and Curlylocks (4) were my guests today.

We were playing with the Nativity set. Curlylocks just played the part of the angel in her preschool performance and was taking a lot of dramatic license with the role. The angel is (of course) a little girl with curly locks, and has lines in every scene. She always stands behind Mary until she speaks, then she moves forward.

The star is attached to our stable, and Curlylocks was troubled by that. It was in the way of the angel flying back and forth to the shepherds in the fields. Goldilocks, meanwhile, was busy arranging the donkey, the sheep and the cow.

Curlylocks: Can't we just move the star to the sky?
Goldilocks: It won't move. It's stuck.
Curlylocks: I guess the angel can just jump over the star.
Goldilocks: That's OK. The cow can jump over the moon.

I read the story to them, and they decided to act it out with the little figures. I narrated, letting the girls fill in the blanks.

Oma: When Mary and Joseph got to Bethlehem, there was no room at the ____.
Curlylocks: Inn.
Oma: They had to sleep in the stable with all the ___.
Curlylocks: Animals.
Oma: Joseph cleaned out the manger and put in fresh ___.
Curlylocks: Straw.
Oma: Then Mary had ____.
Goldilocks: A little lamb.

They need to get their stories straight.

One of their movies is Thomas the Tank Engine.
Goldilocks was coloring a picture of Thomas.

Goldilocks: I can write his name. It's DVD. How do you spell DVD?
Curlylocks: D-V-D.
Goldilocks: I wrote DVD.
Curlylocks: No...that isn't D... (Excitedly, after looking closely): Good job! You made a K!
Goldilocks: Yay! Yay! I made a K!! Is that in DVD?
Curlylocks: Well...sure.
Goldilocks: Oma! I wrote Thomas' name!

With the comedy writers on strike, Jay Leno and Dave Letterman ought to look into the pre-school crowd for material. They say some pretty funny stuff!


kenju said...

How sweet! That got a chuckle. I'm gld you told that tonight - I needed a chuckle.

gab said...

Speaking of what your adorable grandkids say...yesterday at the movies, Luke said, "Look Mom! There's your dad."

I guess he thinks Opa would fly cross-country to see "alvin and the chipmunks" and not even sit with us...not that we would blame him!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Those two little curly girls are ADORABLE. Love it!

Bridget said...

That's so cute.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And a congrats are in order I hear. I read from Gab's blog that you'll be speaking at Women's Conf. about blogging! That is awesome. Now if you can just convince my dad to actually read my blog once in a while, that would be great.

Joy Des Jardins said...

The comedy writers should be half as funny as our little sweeties...I'd be laughing my guts out.

Annie said...

I love overhearing those candid conversations. Priceless.

Congratulations on the Women's Conference gig! You'll be perfect for that.

Rebecca said...

That's really cute!!