Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Listen Up, World!

I could really improve the world if people would just listen to me!

We live downtown. Lots of downtown businesses have moved to the suburbs in the past few years. I remember when I was a teenager working downtown, and the streets were crowded with people shopping, going to lunch, dinner and movies. The theaters are now boarded up, the office buildings have their own cafeterias, kitchens and vending machines, and the shopping is in the malls. The streets are barren. There is a huge development in the construction stages that will hopefully bring people downtown again, and there are lots of city council planning meetings and newspaper articles wondering and worrying about how to bring life back to our city. I have sent some suggestions to the Mayor's office and have yet to see them put into action. So I will suggest them here.

Families live in the suburbs. Give them a reason to leave their neighborhood: a beautiful carousel, street vendors, gelato stands, a unique family-friendly restaurant (like Rainforest Cafe), a fabulous kids' bookstore with story times, (think "You've Got Mail").

Let people park! Don't invite people downtown and then stalk their cars for parking violations. Relax!

Put something in the vacant windows. There are lots of buildings that look bedraggled and empty, with "For Lease" signs decorating the front. Why not paint the exterior, and put art, or other displays in the windows? Let stores use the space for free advertising, and make the street interesting while there's vacancy.

These are a few of my great ideas. I have suggestions about health insurance, prescription drug coverage, and education, too. On occasion, when I've been especially motivated I've written my congressman, or my newspaper. Does anyone read my letters, or do they just hit the delete button? Most of the time I don't care. They're busy and important and there are probably lots of great ideas floating around that have to be studied and analyzed.

This week I read about a bill before our state legislature to lower the driving age for ATVs from 8 to 6! Six years old! Kids that don't know left from right... can't tie their shoelaces...think Dora's backpack really talks! I don't know...when I read about things like this I wonder who is running the world? And why aren't they listening to me??


Bev said...

Here! Here! SIX YEAR OLDS?! What ARE they thinking???

Yes, I share you're pain, I could tell our local city how to improve a thing or two, but I doubt they'd listen.

txdave said...

Nice colors, format, but readers love photos, see wht I mean:

good luck